You are heard by us. You’re disappointed that individuals would not communicate more info on the economic state for the company because of the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19

20) Won’t this make the grouped community smaller?

Yes, but with less reports to guide our overhead will be reduced and therefore the capital will go further to boost member experience with the long-lasting. That is a victory for people that decide to contribute. Once you play a role in Couchsurfing, you will be allowing other people to take pleasure from Couchsurfing even though you’re not (like whenever you are asleep and Couchsurfing users on the other hand around the globe are awake). Some users may understand this through the lens of “ What does it do in my situation at this time?” We understand that certain members will not understand this aspect of contributing to a global community while we wish everyone could see the global impact of their contributions.

While there could be a fall within the general wide range of Couchsurfing users, the city will likely be more powerful additionally the interactions better. There have been individuals freeloading on Couchsurfing, utilizing it in an effort to look for a free spot to remain, perhaps perhaps not giving an answer to communications, and flaking on hosts, hangouts, and occasions. By applying the share system we shall start to place a conclusion to any or all for this and enhance the general quality of our shared Couchsurfing community.

21) we see individuals saying negative reasons for Couchsurfing, what can I do?

Admittedly, we’re able to have now been more beforehand that is transparent that might have allowed at a lower price confusion. Much like any modification, many people may have a difficult response to applying efforts. Unfortuitously, with all the current COVID-19 pandemic, this really is bad news along with bad news in addition to bad news. We encourage everybody else to exhibit compassion towards individuals who are annoyed, upset, and annoyed by this modification.

There will inevitably be theories that are conspiracy misinformation, and downright lies spread about Couchsurfing and these efforts. We all know that some individuals as well as other web web web sites are opportunistically preying on people’s confusion that is temporary. It really is aggravating to possess our motives called into concern which is why we’ve spilled our heart out to at this point you. We wish in performing this it has reveal our dedication to maintaining the Couchsurfing community alive.

We encourage everybody to come calmly to Couchsurfing with any queries, issues, or clarification for any such thing seen on Couchsurfing or some other channel that is online. As constantly, you are able to directly contact couchsurfing Support

The Couchsurfing Team

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116 thoughts on “ you are heard by us ”

I do perhaps maybe maybe not mind to cover and I also will also it is practical it is extremely hard to perform this kind of platoform effortlessly without help from community. Nevertheless personally i think in line with the values of this community a model for which in the place of forcing users to cover its considering contributions (as wikipedia) it can have worked more proficiently (and also aided to increase more cash)

Numerous thanx for many of those explanations! Regrettably some CSers nevertheless think there is certainly some sh*t to state about CSi g, we could imagine they don’t understand why task, and that individuals are legions to save it, i do believe these nasties dumbs is going to Rbnb, and get lost! We don’t need stoopids! The cool individuals we give this small sum of money to create help that is CSing the whole world! I’m a verified user, We paid, and count on me personally to spend once more, cos the feeling are at 99% constantly good (the 1% is merely okay;) I came across so many cool dudes and gals, I’ve o numerous stories, I’ve hosted a lot of people, from one day to 2 months! We can’t imagine this could be down cos! Count on le to pay for once more!